Now you can check your status in Menu :Check Stats
Due to too many requests. every 1 address of BTC can only withdraw 1 time a week. Your balance will enter Stats: ►Line up

►Line up = in the queue
Check Status|►Stats can be checked now = You will receive payment as soon as possible. in the next 24 hours.
processed|►Is in the process of withdrawing = withdrawing you as deep as the process. You will receive payment within 1-2 business days.

contact us or click here if you have not received a payment within one week after withdrawing your account in stats "processed".

If you are new here. Watch carefully :

1. You must read "Terms & Conditions".

2. This Faucet is specifically for direct payments to online btc wallets such as Indodax, Coinbase, Blockchain, etc.

3. We mine 5% of your computer's power as long as you are here.

4. Min.1100 satoshi for withdraw + 5% fee.

5. Recommend Max.5000 satoshi Balance, we are not responsible for the loss of your balance due to your own mistakes.

6. Click the Agree Button above if you agree...

Faucet balance: 40213 satoshi.
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