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Palembang will soon arrive in the near future. This cannot be separated from its position as one of the hosts of the 2018 Asian Games in August.
Together with Jakarta, Palembang will host 12 sports and is expected to receive 3,200 athletes and officials from across Asia. In addition, thousands of supporters are predicted to accompany their country to compete in Palembang.
Accompanying and supporting his country is certainly not the only purpose of 'migrants'. Aside from being a supporter, these supporters will also play a role as tourists in Palembang. Fortunately, many interesting and iconic tourist destinations in Palembang can be enjoyed by tourists, both local and foreign. Ten tourist destinations in Palembang can be your choice.

1. Enchantment of the Middle East in Palembang Al-Munawar Arab Village

Image credit: @fenymaulia

Taking the time to visit the Al-Munawar Arab Village is one part of the itinerary that must be realized if you visit Palembang. The uniqueness and distinctiveness of this village is an attraction that cannot be missed.

Image credit: @wiranurmansyah
Image credit: @dientiadiennear

Kampong 13 Ulu or Kampong Arab 13 Ulu, another name for this village, is filled with typical architectural and old school buildings. You will be able to see its own uniqueness, ranging from the shape of pyramid at home, touch of Middle East and Europe to cool wood carvings at the top. Its inhabitants are also 'nuanced' Arab-European - sharp nosed with a large tall body.

Image credit: @shinta_h

There is also a house that has been established since 250 years ago. Even though it has been over two centuries, this house does not look old because of its colorfulpaint There are not a few interesting spots and Instagramables to become your selfie background .

2. Beautifully colored areas Sekanak Market

Image credit: @ armandaal9

Previously, this area was a slum and dirty area. However, after being revitalized and packaged in such a beautiful way, Pasar Sekanak is one of the tourist destinations in Palembang that you must visit.

Image credit: @dianaluspa

For Instagrammers, this market has all the requirements to become your selfie background . Beautifully colored in the walls and dam, the clean condition of the Musi River is also a special attraction.

3. Explore the world in the middle of the forest Punti Kayu

Image credit: @ nialahistina

Who would have thought you could pose with the background of the Eiffel tower, Pisa's sloping building to the Statue of Liberty in the middle of a shady forest in Palembang?

Image credit: @noeanwar (left), @kodden_kidd (right)

You can only get those moments in Punti Kayu Tourism Park. This vast conservation area is now one of the tourist destinations in Palembang which is quite a problem. Even so famous, this area is reportedly receiving nearly 1,000 people to travel every day!

Image credit: @agilfadli

Its location not so far from the city center of Palembang is one reason why Punti Kayu is a favorite destination for Gen Y and Gen Z for tours. In addition to the shady place and many photo spots, the nuances offered are also fun to relax.

4. Enjoy the beauty of the legendary island Kemaro Island

Kemaro Island is also one of the iconic tourist destinations in Palembang. How not, this island has the attraction of a story of treasure hunt wrapped in legendary romance.

Image credit: @ minof1

This island is actually a delta with an area of ‚Äč‚Äčabout 30 hectares. The nuances offered will take you to the Chinatown area.

Image credit: @ goena1st

One of the main attractions and landmarks of this island is a nine-story pagoda. Besides the pagoda, you will also be able to visit various tours from temples to love trees. Of course, don't forget to take a photo with this pagoda background when visiting!

5. Religious tourism in Palembang Al-Quran Al-Akbar, Gambus

Want to travel religiously, the Al-Akbar Al-Quran Museum is the most appropriate tourist destination in Palembang. There is no other place that presents beautiful art like this.

Image credit: @safrillah_

Al-Quran is 177 cm high and 140 cm wide with 2.5 cm thickness and is carved on the surface of the tembesu wood. In total, there are 315 wooden boards to display all the written verses of the Koran in a carved form, which now looks very beautiful to look at.

Image credit: @fiqihjordan

As a religious tourist destination, anyone who comes to this location is expected to be able to carry the spirit of respect and not damage the results of this brilliant work of art.

6. Unique floating house Musi River Floating House

If you want to see unusual property views, Floating Houses on the Musi River can be the right destination. The raft house is pretty much spread on the outskirts of the Musi river.

Image credit: @ra_niken

Many things you can see and feel here. The floating house of the Musi River, which is inhabited by a majority of ethnic Chinese, is not much different from houses and other buildings, although many activities are carried out on water. This is one of the most memorable attractions related to the Floating House.
You also 'stop by' in these houses, shop at floating markets to coffee on the Musi River. In fact, to support the activities of residents in this proud Palembang river, oil refueling stations on the Musi River have been provided for boats or passing ketek. Wow!

7. See the sports city Jakabaring Sport City

The Jakabaring sports complex is a spot that you will definitely attend during the upcoming 2018 Asian Games. Almost all sports competitions will be held at the 325-hectare complex.

Image credit: @ancaasp

But Jakabaring Sport City is not just a sports complex. Not a few interesting places to pamper visitors, including the city forest which is not far from the Jakabaring Main Stadium.

8. Exclamation of playing water Amanzi Citragrand City Waterpark

Image credit: amanziwaterpark.com

Who doesn't like playing water? Almost all humans in all groups will not miss the opportunity to have fun in a water park with many slides and other game rides, including you, right?

Image credit: amanziwaterpark.com

Starting from River Nille, The Raft, The Falls to The Cyclone, it is guaranteed to make you leave the location with a deep impression. Moreover, the entry access is quite cheap, starting from 50,000 IDR to 120,000 IDR. In fact, you can get a much cheaper price if you take available promos.

9. Special cuisine from Palembang Pempek Pak Raden

Already to Palembang, it means you have to enjoy its unique cuisine. The choice is certain, namely Pempek, and the best place to enjoy this food is at Pempek Pak Raden.

Image credit: @foodescape_id

Pioneered since 1984, Pempek Pak Raden has become one of the most famous food booths in Palembang and has now opened many branches throughout Indonesia. However, the peculiarity of eating pempek directly in Palembang has always been the main attraction.

Image credit: @ fatroy3

With a relatively cheap price, starting at 5,000 IDR, you should try this Palembang food directly.

10. Enjoy famous landmarks Palembang Ampera Bridge

Image credit: @vansyaf

Nothing can replace Palembang's landmark, Ampera Bridge. Its grandeur and function which are so vital for the residents make this bridge a separate icon of Palembang city.

Image credit: @radograph

There are many ways to get the best impression from the Ampera Bridge, starting from the outskirts of the Musi river, enjoying the afternoon at the cafe there, and breaking through directly using the boat. Whatever it is, the Ampera Bridge has become a global landmark .