Jembatan Ampera | Ampera Bridge Palembang

Jembatan Ampera, Simbol Kemakmuran Bersama

Jembatan Ampera (Amanat penderitaan rakyat) adalah sebuah jembatan di Kota Palembang, Provinsi Sumatera Selatan, Indonesia. Jembatan Ampera, yang telah menjadi semacam lambang kota, terletak di tengah-tengah kota Palembang, menghubungkan daerah Seberang Ulu dan Seberang Ilir yang dipisahkan oleh Sungai Musi.

Ampera Bridge Palembang - The tourist attraction that becomes an icon of the city of Palembang is the Ampera Bridge. The bridge in the capital city of the Province of South Sumatra was formerly known as the Bung Karno Bridge. This bridge was built in 1962.
This bridge is the longest bridge in Southeast Asia. The name of the Bung Karno Bridge was changed to the Ampera Bridge, which stands for the Bridge of the Mandate of the People's Suffering. This bridge change was due to political turmoil that occurred in the archipelago.
Once upon a time this bridge could be lifted so that the ships did not hit the bridge when passing the Musi River. Boats with a height of 44.5 meters can pass through this bridge when the bridge is raised.
Gradually this function was terminated because it disrupted the flow of traffic that passed through the upper part of this bridge. The ballast pendulum from this bridge which can reach 500 tons each is lowered so that no one gets hurt when the pendulum falls suddenly.

History of the Ampera Bridge in Palembang

photos of the ampera bridge in the past
Photo of Tempo Dulu Ampera Bridge (
This bridge has become an icon of Palembang for decades. It is located in the middle of Palembang city. This bridge connects the Seberang Ilir and Seberang Ulu areas which are separated by the Musi River. The bridge was originally gray and then turned yellow and is now red. This bridge also has a large size.
Previously this bridge was only used as a means of connecting between the Upper and Lower Seberang. Along with the development of the era and the design of Visit Musi 2008, there have been many changes on this bridge. This bridge is an attractive tourist attraction and is visited by many tourists.

The beauty of the Palembang Ampera Bridge

Palembang Ampera Bridge
Photo of Palembang Evening Night Ampera Bridge (
Night is the best time to enjoy the beauty of the Palembang Ampera Bridge. The Palembang Ampera Bridge is decorated with lights which is a tourist attraction. Decorative lights that surround this bridge can change color every few seconds.
For those who like the field of photography often make Palembang's Ampera Bridge its object. The Musi River, which runs along the Ampera Bridge in Palembang, is a beautiful sight, no less beautiful than  its legendary songket . A typical culinary tour of the city of Palembang is located around the Palembang Ampera Bridge.
In addition there are four parks in the corners of this bridge. In the lower corner there are two parks and two other parks upstream. These parks make the Palembang Ampera Bridge more beautiful and interesting to visit.
The idea of ​​building a park in the upstream and downstream corners was initiated by our First President. Twin parks in these corners have their own purpose. These parks become symbols of justice and equality in Palembang upstream and downstream.
At a glance, if we look at the bridge, it is almost similar to the San Francisco Bridge in the United States. The two bridges are very attractive because the lights can change into colors.

Let's Take Care of the Palembang Ampera Bridge

Picture of Ampera Bridge at Night
Photo of Palembang Afternoon Ampera Bridge (
All facilities on this bridge must be properly maintained. We must be aware of not littering and not scribbling. Local and foreign tourists will be uncomfortable visiting if the atmosphere on the Ampera Bridge is dirty.
This bridge is proof of history and assets for the city of Palembang. So it must be treated properly and correctly. Because we ourselves will lose if we don't take care of it. Aside from the beauty of the Ampera Bridge, it becomes tarnished by the regional income sources.
Unfortunately, if the next generation cannot witness the grandeur and beauty of the Palembang Ampera Bridge because of our inappropriate actions.