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        Manarola ( Manaea in the local dialect) is a village located in the Province of La Spezia , Liguria , northern Italy . Manarola is also a frazione in comune . This village is the second smallest village in the Cinque Terre region which is a popular tourist destination.

At a glance
           Manarola is probably the oldest village in Cinque Terre; the foundation of the San Lorenzo church in this place dates from 1338. In Manarola there are different local dialects from dialects in the surrounding area. The name "Manarola" probably comes from Latin , "magna rota" . In the Manarola dialect, this word changes to "magna roea" , which means "big wheel" (referring to the grinding wheel in this village).
           Manarola's main traditional industries are fisheries and wine making . Local wine called Sciacchetrà is a famous wine; even ancient Roman sources wrote about high-quality wine from this region. Later Manarola and the surrounding villages became popular tourist destinations, especially in the summer. Popular tourist destinations include the famous hiking trails between Manarola and Riomaggiore (called Via dell'Amore , "Love Path") and hilly hiking trails and wine plantations above the village. Manarola is also one of five villages in the Cinque Terre . The houses are colorful and the subject of Antonio Discovolo's paintings (1874-1956).
Berkas:1 manarola evening 2012.jpg