Bitcoin Performs Well, Is Bearish and Bullish Risk Because It’s Being Sideways

Bitcoin performed very well during the past week, and managed to rise to US $ 7,727. That level risks a deep bearish , but potentially bullish in the coming days.

As of March 23, 2020 noon, the Crypto Asset King was able to rise rapidly from US $ 7,020.00 to US $ 7,727 in just 7 hours. After a few minutes, at night it fell slightly to the lowest level , US $ 7,387. Today afternoon Bitcoin flashes at the level of US $ 7,555 in a relatively sideways situation (1 minute) .

Other crypto assets also scored equally impressive performance. Some of them have surpassed the strengthening of Bitcoin the past few weeks.

The strength of crypto assets this week came when the stock market began to stagnate in the range of 2,800-2,900 points, which seemed to respond that economic growth remained bleak.

This stagnation could indicate that the new US $ 500 million stimulus bill passed by the US Senate and House of Representatives this week might not be enough, with the US unemployment rate continuing to increase, more than 25 million in the past five weeks.

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