Morris Mini Classic Cars, Interested From Ancient Times Until Now

Bro and Sist, who often watched the film Mr Bean, must have been very familiar with this one car. Having a petite shape and design that is quite unique, this classic car from England is quite in demand from ancient times to the most sophisticated times like now. This car is known by the name Morris Mini Cooper, or some say Morris Mini.

The Tiny Morris Mini, Interested From the Great Times Until Now

This car is pretty well known by many people through the silly scenes of a Mr. Bean. In the comedy genre film, Morris Mini becomes Bean’s car and is often used as a tool to provoke laughter. But, actually before the existence of the film “the little one” is already pretty well known to many people.

The Tiny Morris Mini, Interested From the Great Times Until Now

First launched in 1959
The appearance of this car could not be separated from the Suez crisis in the late 1950s. At that time in European countries, including Great Britain, there was an allotment of fuel oil. This condition makes one of the British Motor Corporation (BMC) automotive manufacturers which is the result of a merger between Austin and Morris, intending to make cars with small size, compact, simple, and fuel efficient.

The Tiny Morris Mini, Interested From the Great Times Until Now

Right in August 1959, this small car was officially launched. At first this car was given the name Austin Mini Se7en and Morris – Minor. However, in 1969, the names of the Austin and Morris manufacturers were no longer used, so the name Mini appeared. Since then this car began to be a concern of many people.

The decade of the 1970s entered Indonesia
Morris Mini began to be widely known by the people of Indonesia in the 1970s. At that time this car also had become one of the cars used for racing at the Ancol race arena, Jakarta. The distributor who brought this item into Indonesia is PT Java Motors. At that time it was still sent in kit form and assembled in Medan.

The Tiny Morris Mini, Interested From the Great Times Until Now

Since the 1970s until now, there are still many car enthusiasts in the country. The shape is small, unique, and stubborn engine, making many people interested in owning this car. In this day and age, if there is a car on the highway, it will definitely be the center of attention of many people.

Become the best-selling British car in history
From the information I got, during 42 years of production, a total of 5.5 million units of cars were produced in Mini. This figure makes the Morris Mini as the best-selling British car in history. Amazingly, GanSis, in 2001 Autocar magazine had awarded the title of the most influential car in the 20th century. That’s great, cool, right … this car has always been the choice of many people in this world.

The price has reached hundreds of millions of rupiah.
Because it is classic, unique, many want, and classy, ​​the selling price of this car skyrocketed to hundreds of millions of rupiahs. But if you ask for the price of a classic car, it depends on the condition of the car too. The price of hundreds of millions of rupiah is for a car whose condition is okay, GanSis.
I once checked on the internet, there were those who dared to release Morris Mini at Rp 350 million GanSis. Approximately at that price who wants to take it. But, I’m sure there’s definitely someone who will be willing to spend a lot of money to get this car, GanSis.

The Tiny Morris Mini, Interested From the Great Times Until Now

As for the development process, Agan and Sista don’t need to hesitate. The thing is, from the information I got, now many of them provide spare parts for GanSis. And the spare parts are from abroad too. If you are still confused, it’s better to enter the community, Ane GanSis’ suggestion. There you can discuss about this unique car, Sist & Bro.


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