Squeeze Victim with Ransomware, This Man Gains a Profit of Up to 31.5 Billion USD

Deadly ransomware virusQuote:

Squeeze Victim with Ransomware, This Man Gains a Profit of Up to 31.5 Billion

Source: google.com
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Spoiler  for  Ransomware :  

Squeeze Victim with Ransomware, This Man Gains a Profit of Up to 31.5 Billion

Source: google.com
What happens if intelligence is used for things that are not good? Not making their knowledge useful does not even bring blessings. Like a hacker whose initials BBA succeeded in crippling an important system of the company San Antonio, Texas, United States.

Quote:BBA buys ransomware or malware that is able to take control, which contains Cryptolocker on the internet black market or the dark web.

Then, the ransomware was sent widely to more than 500 overseas email addresses.
Reporting from  Tribunnews.com

In carrying out the action, this man who came from Sleman used a ransomware virus, where he got the virus by buying it on the cyberspace black market.

After that he sent the virus to companies in America randomly via email, website or others. So if the company clicks or installs it, the system is under the control of the hacker.

Quote:It is known, for five years as a hacker with ransomware mode, BBA was able to make a profit of 300 Bitcoin or around Rp 31.5 billion.

“If the transactions are calculated, the velocity of the money, there are around 300 Bitcoin he can get.

Rotated, to buy and sell. Then the rest of the profits he can buy equipment,” said Rickynaldo Chairul
as Head of Subdit II Criminal Commission Head of Criminal Investigation, when contacted.
As reported by  Tribunnews.com  (10/25/2019).

As a result of his reckless actions that have been carried out for five years, he got a profit of 31.5 billion, one of which was able to buy a Harley Davidson motorbike.
Spoiler  for  motorized hacking results :  

Squeeze Victim with Ransomware, This Man Gains a Profit of Up to 31.5 Billion

It is unfortunate, he will spend a young age in bars even though your future is still long.

Next I will give a news video footage about the 21-year-old hacker being arrested.
Spoiler  for  Hackers from Sleman Ransomware :  

Some tips below so that you and your cyst are not attacked by ransomware addalah viruses:

1. Frequently update your software because usually the system being attacked is an old system

2. Back up important data elsewhere and offline is better

3. Don’t careless click play in the form of an email attachment or pdf

Rich is still permissible but if you get from the results of stealing it will not be calm that his heart is afraid of being caught and caught by the police.

Smart is indeed only requires knowledge, but if you are wise, then not only knowledge, but the heart is also needed.

Hopefully with this case, it makes us not only be smart but wise in using our intelligence by helping others because the best people are the people who benefit the most.

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